Best Ways To Save Electricity At Home- Use an Electric Saver

With an uncertain economy showing no signs of recovery, it has become imperative to cut costs wherever possible. Energy, which costs high, is a prime candidate for significant cost reductions.  Deploying the Electric Saver 1200 ranks amongst the best ways to save electricity at home.

The biggest electricity guzzlers are appliances and devices with a motor. Many people mistake only the water pump to have a motor, but the reality is that most appliances, including the air conditioner, dish washer and dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, freezers, heat pump, pool pump, ceiling fans, fluorescent lighting ballast and others operate on a motor. Such appliances, when switched on, draw significant power from the power company’s transformers.

Now, most motors are inefficient and lose energy when they run. The power demanded by the motor passes through the wires and the electric panel to the power meter gauge and from there to the transformer. The energy from the transformer makes its way back to the motor through the same route. During this process, the wires heat up and loose energy. The motor, receiving reduced energy is strained and also heats up. The net result is a loss of energy. The energy company nevertheless charges for such lost energy as well as the energy has been drawn from their transformers.

The electric meter measures the current and the voltage and multiplies these two values to obtain ‘watts used’. While this is an accurate measurement for resistive loads such as lights, this is not accurate for inductive loads such as that of motors. The Electric Saver 1200 is a variable capacitor that shifts such inductive load back to reflect the actual power usage. This device reduces the heat on the wires and motors and provides the energy otherwise wasted to the motor.

The difference between a mixed load and a purely resistive load is the ‘power factor’ and the Electric Saver 1200 reduces the power factor. The correct power factor results in lower demand and cause the demand meter to slow down legally. This technology is already in existence for long in commercial and industrial settings and the Electric Saver 1200 brings this to homes.

The Electric Saver 1200 reduces the electricity bill by about 25 percent on average and also increases the health and lifespan of the motor, contributing to indirect savings through lesser maintenance and capital costs. The maximum savings come when the Electric Saver 1200 is installed directly the unit with the largest motor.

This in most cases is the central air conditioning unit. The maximum savings may be expected during summer months when the air conditioner is on most of the time. In such instances, the Power saver 1200 can save about 7500 KwH a year and the resultant cost per KwH dollars. The product costs just $360 including installation when the next best alternative of upgrading to energy star energy efficient devices or super insulation would cost in the range of $2000.

The Electric Saver 1200 also provides incidental benefits such protection against power surges and shocks.

With the US Department of Energy estimating the total value of unusable or waste energy at over 16 billion dollars. Gadgets such as the Electric Saver 1200 is not just the best way to save electricity at home but also provides relief to the economy as well. Get Yours Today!

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